Sylli divides timit, strings, files and entire directories into syllables and provides other useful function for syllable analysis. Sylli was originally intended to be used with CLIPS (a corpus of spoken Italian) and NLTK (see references), but can be used on any TIMIT file, string, and with some changes languages and ASCII alphabet(default setting uses xSampa and syllabify Italian).

Please, for a complete, updated documentation visit:

This package contains two programs: sylli and sylli-command


You can install Sylli by using the windows installer or the source.

To install using the installer just double-click the installer icon.

To install as a python module you can either use python easy install

$ easy_install sylli

Or install manually from the source code. To do so, follow these steps:

Install Python, version 2.3 or later -

Install wxPython -

Download the source code and unzip the content:

$ unzip

and install it with:

$ cd Sylli $ python install

For more options use

$ python –help

If you’re using windows or planning to redistribute sylli as a windows installer or .exe read the Windows BUILD section below.


To run sylli from the command line use

$ sylli-command –help

The command ‘sylli’ is reserved for the GUI. This is the default install application in windows. If you installed from the source or on *nix, you can launch it with

$ sylli

or run it directly from the source code directory:

$ python sylli/

For more information use the program help.

The latest alternative, is to import the module in python

>>> import sylli

Windows BUILD

Install Python, version 2.3 or later -

Install wxPython - http:\

Install py2exe -

Install the inno installer -

Download msvcr90.dll and copy it in the root syllable directory

Open the command prompt, go to the root syllable directory and run this command

> python py2exe

copy sylli/htmldoc into sylli/build

Now compile inno.iss on inno

This will create an installer called sylli-{VERSION}.exe The installer is completely self-contained and will work on any Windows machine, even without the above software having been installed.


Sylli online is a CGI for Sylli. You can find the sources and install it following these two steps:

  • copy the directort sylli/websyl in your website root directory (if you don’t want to, you will have to change href and src tags accordingly)
  • copy and a sonority file sonority.txt in your cgi-bin directory. The two files have to be placed in the same directory, otherwise you’ll have to change the code.

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